About Us

Robo-Serv, with more that 3 decades  of making and achievements in the field of industrial Automation  is a center of knowledge and experience that helps manufacturers as well as entrepreneurs to cope with new projects and developments.


Menachem Gilad – Owner and Managing Director.


Active in the automation and robotics arena for more then 35 years.

He was one of the founders of GBIM Automation system Ltd , a design and manufacturing system house for Industrial  Automation and Robotics where he gained vast experience in performing and managing hundreds of projects for a wide variety of industries globally. GBIM, under his management, won twice the the Kaplan Price, at the time the most prestigious award for contribution to  Israeli industry efficiency.

Since 2001 he started a consultancy and project management self operation , he also helped to build and  managed Cellergy Ltd. a startup company that became a manufacturer of Super Capacitors, implementing printing technology and automation.


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